Spotlight: From the Desk of the Legislative Clerk

“As the clerk of the legislature I have had first hand experience with all of the bills that have made it to the general file. Some of the bills that have been popular with the senators involved the elimination of abortion and the legalization of bottle rockets. Others, such as a new prison program did not fair as well. Along with myself we have a group of very promising legislative officers. Reigning as chaplain we have Reverend Isiah Bockleman, and at Speaker we have the honorable Nick Schreiner. Tomorrow we proceed to the select file, followed by the final reading [sic].”

Cody Fischer, Clerk of Senate

Lincoln County Officials Elected

Congratulations to the following people who have won elections and positions in Lincoln County.

County Sheriff: Jack Dodson

County Attorney: Ben Tolliver

County Clerk: Keaton Klein

Clerk of the District Court: Gage Baker and Micah Chvatal

County Treasurer: Joseph Murnan

State Board of Education Members: Luke Castner, Ben Dobson, Brandon Herrick

County Judge: Klayton Kasik

County Superintendent of Public Instruction: Jordan Morrill

Public Defender: Isaac Haahr

Belleau Wood citizens cast their votes

Primary Election Results of State Ticket

Tuesday afternoon, delegates voted in primary elections for their state ticket to narrow the playing field down for Thursday’s general election. Here’s what will be on Thursday’s ballot.

Lieutenant Governor:

Nationalist Colton Fales vs. Federalist Nicholas Matthew Brady

Secretary of State:

Nationalist Stephen Woods vs. Federalist Alex Wessels

State Treasurer: Nationalist Seth Skibinski of Gettysburg vs. Federalist Wyatt Schuettler of Bunker Hill

State Auditor: Nationalist Drew Fairchild-Flynn of Yorktown vs. Federalist Tanner Ahrens of Bunker Hill

Attorney General:

Nationalist Andrew Brittenham vs. Federalist Clay Roubal

Public Service Commissioner (Vote for 5):

Nationalists Tony Batenhorst (Valley Forge), Aaron Brown (Gettysburg), John Gibbs (Bataan), Adam Werner (Bataan), Colton Wilson (Bataan)

Federalists James Brown (Alamo), Isaac Hunke (Manila Bay), Luke Miller (Bataan), Daniel Trost (Alamo), Thomas Vonderfecht (Bunker Hill)

Town-by-Town Campaigning (Photo Highlights)

On Tuesday afternoon, candidates up for election in the initial primaries were given a bit of time to go to different towns and campaign. While much of the debate was on serious political issues, some candidates were asked to do tricks or other personal feats for the enjoyment of the town they were visiting. Check out the photo collage below.

Click here to see Mayor Taylor Menke of Manila Bay do a trick during his Governor campaign!

Gubernatorial Candidates File for Ballot

Earlier this evening, sixteen boys came forward with the backing of their parties and towns and formally announced their interest in running for state governor by filing for the ballot. Each boy will campaign for their party’s vote until the Thursday gubernatorial primary, at which point one boy will represent each party, and they will have just one more day to campaign to the whole delegation of Cornhusker Boys’ State. After an hour and a half debate Friday morning, the vote will take place, leaving only one boy to become Boys’ State Governor 2010-2011. Here are the candidates.

Nationalist Party:

Nick Gabriel, Bunker Hill

Andrew Prystai, Valley Forge

Cody Lindley, Yorktown

Logan Baker, Gettysburg

Taylor James, Alamo

Jake Nelson, Manila Bay

Daniel Carlson, Bataan

Steven Craig, Belleau Wood

Federalist Party:

Peter Lopez, Bunker Hill

Nick "Nickit" Schreiner, Yorktown

Ben Crelin, Gettysburg

AJ Braband, Alamo

Taylor Menke, Manila Bay

Alejandro Ramirez, Manila Bay

Evan Bartels, Bataan

Brennan Costello, Belleau Wood