Belleau Wood Elects Local Officials and Representatives

City election results are in! Here are the winners of the Belleau Wood elections.

Mayor: Nathan Taylor

City Council: Zane Murphy, Payton Frahm, Isaac Archuleta, Andrew Shelburn, Pierce Leef

County Supervisor: Gregory Flack

School Board: Noah Carlson, Riggs Patton, Mark Thurston, Jessie Sullivan, William Paine

Senators: Jack Kohl, Kevin Downs, Logan Greenlee, Blake Riley, Galdino Guzman, Ehric Strope

Lincoln County Candidates Advance to General Election

Delegates voted, and here is the ballot that was created for Thursday afternoon’s general election.

County Sheriff:
Tyler Ebeler (N)
Preston Nelson (F)

County Attorney:
Zachary Kirby (N)
Evan Uden (F)

County Clerk:
Mark Dunn (N)
Jack Gibbens (F)

Clerk of the District Court (Vote for 2):
Seth Gohl (N)
Dan Kollars (N)
James P. Richards, Jr. (F)

County Treasurer:
Taylor Kubik (N)
Kolton Dubs (F)


Nonpolitical Offices

State Board of Education (Vote for 3): Connor Bentley, Dusty Chandler, Richard Elmore, Hayden Geis, Blake Hansen, Blake Summer

County Judge: Jon Freese, Timothy Johnson

County Superintendent of Public Instruction: Cole Beebe, Peyton Connelly

Public Defender: Dean Helgenberger, Garrett Watters