Bataan Town Report

By: Andrew Graff

The town that is number eight in team rankings and number one in it’s citizen’s hearts is known by many as Bataan. However, that won’t be true for long as everyone knows there are certain actions that a team must take in order to be successful. The first is to carry out the basic task of establishing offices on the school board, the city council, and the legislature. Bataan held elections, as everyone does, on Sunday night. Bataan elected John Brockmeier of Kearney to govern this fair city as mayor. The city council members are Logan Rebbe, Casey Brentlinger, Kort Dye, Tyler Pester, and Victor Zamora. The senators of Bataan are Peter Owens, Noah Anderson, Noah Keck, Colby Sluka, Ethan Carlson, Riley Mrkvicka, and Shane Feller. Finally, the school board is comprised of Peter Emanuel, Sam Elgert, Michael Beck, Benjamin Rathjen, and Riley Backemeyer. The first meeting of the newly elected school board took place today in the lounge area of the 9th floor. At the meeting, concerned citizens raised alarms about numerous topics ranging from inappropriately named “awards” to curse laden rants from teachers. The final section of the meeting consisted of reports from the principals of the elementary, middle, and high schools. Then, the head of the school board brought the meeting to a close. Overall, if the rest of the week for the Bataan town goes this well, they may retake the glory they so rightfully deserve.

Belleau Wood Brotherhood

By: Will Johnston

The citizens of Belleau Wood were certainly kept busy all throughout Monday as there were copious amounts of fun sessions to attend. Excitement had never been higher as the boys anxiously traveled to Kimball Hall for the joint session while expecting to meet up with delegates from Girls’ State. The exhilaration culminated during the interactive and insightful speech by Dr. Joanne Owens-Nauslar who taught the significance of personal health and well-being. The residents of Belleau Wood eagerly anticipate the opportunity to utilize this knowledge in hope to become better citizens, candidates, and leaders.

Bunker Hill Leadership Discussion

By: Jack Foglesong

We are taught to fear failure. While failure should be avoided, it should not be feared. In fact, failure can be one of life’s greatest teachers if one were to take the time to learn from it. This was one of the main points behind Monday night’s Leadership Discussion. In the town of Bunker Hill, several Boys’ Staters gave their personal opinions on the way to approach failure. One point made was to avoid regrets in life, look back, reflect on successes and failures, and attempt to learn something from them. Another stater mentioned taking long shots and stretching boundaries. In addition, one person said that in times of failure, accept that it happened. Instead of dwelling on it, move forward and find ways to make improvement based on what was done correctly and incorrectly. The main takeaway of the Monday night Leadership Discussion was that failure should not be a source of shame for someone, but instead a way to better improve one’s abilities.

Alamo Allies with other Towns

By: Dash Wedergren

Party leaders in the Alamo Nationalist wing convened with standout Alamo candidates for an assessment of strengths and coverage of positions late Monday night. After taking extensive notes on prominent candidates from other Towns in the previous night’s platform meeting, Alamo representatives met with representatives from Yorktown. The meeting yielded an Alamo endorsement of Yorktown’s Lieutenant Governor candidate and Yorktown’s support for several lower level Alamo candidates. Nicholas McConnell, a leader in the Alamo-Yorktown negotiations commented, “We value the bilateral negotiation we drafted with Yorktown and will be looking for more opportunities to cross-endorse in the future.”

Bataan: More than Meets the Eye

By: Andrew Graff

So the first day in the uncharted territory of Boys’ State begins. Many people are surely feeling different emotions and thoughts now. They could be feeling nervous, excited, unsure, a mixture of all three or others. Despite what emotions the participants are feeling today, they can rest assured and know that while this is surely going to be unlike anything else that they have experienced, it will be the kind of experience that may not present itself ever again within the person’s lifetime. What makes this experience so unique is the independence this event gives to the participants. The idea that everyone will hold a specific public office with its own set of responsibilities is an exciting (and daunting) one indeed. However, as everyone is aware, there is a host of other activities to take part in outside of running for office. Some people will take part in various sporting activities, others will engage in the fine arts, and finally some will join the media. Whatever activity the various members choose to take part in, they can rest assured in that the key to success is determination. No person started or will start something already an expert in that field, the great people that have been remembered throughout history excelled in their fields because they put in the time and effort to become those great people. While the independence experienced here will be frightening for many, they can take solace in being determined individuals throughout their stay here.