Primary Election Results of State Ticket

Tuesday afternoon, delegates voted in primary elections for their state ticket to narrow the playing field down for Thursday’s general election. Here’s what will be on Thursday’s ballot.

Lieutenant Governor:

Nationalist Colton Fales vs. Federalist Nicholas Matthew Brady

Secretary of State:

Nationalist Stephen Woods vs. Federalist Alex Wessels

State Treasurer: Nationalist Seth Skibinski of Gettysburg vs. Federalist Wyatt Schuettler of Bunker Hill

State Auditor: Nationalist Drew Fairchild-Flynn of Yorktown vs. Federalist Tanner Ahrens of Bunker Hill

Attorney General:

Nationalist Andrew Brittenham vs. Federalist Clay Roubal

Public Service Commissioner (Vote for 5):

Nationalists Tony Batenhorst (Valley Forge), Aaron Brown (Gettysburg), John Gibbs (Bataan), Adam Werner (Bataan), Colton Wilson (Bataan)

Federalists James Brown (Alamo), Isaac Hunke (Manila Bay), Luke Miller (Bataan), Daniel Trost (Alamo), Thomas Vonderfecht (Bunker Hill)

Counties Hold Primary Election

This afternoon, citizens of Washington and Lincoln Counties crowded the first floor of Schramm and the HSS Dining Center to cast their vote in the Primary Election for State offices.

Lincoln County election officials from Belleau Wood sit in anticipation of the coming droves of eager voters:

A drove of Manilla Bay voters consider their final decision:

Washington County delegates outside of the polling center awaiting the opening of the polls:

Valley Forge citizens entering to grab their ballots and cast their votes:

Gettysburg citizens at the polls:

Lincoln County ballot counters carefully tally up the ballots:

The process finished, the candidates can only wait in uncertain anticipation until the results are posted later this afternoon.

Town-by-Town Campaigning (Photo Highlights)

On Tuesday afternoon, candidates up for election in the initial primaries were given a bit of time to go to different towns and campaign. While much of the debate was on serious political issues, some candidates were asked to do tricks or other personal feats for the enjoyment of the town they were visiting. Check out the photo collage below.

Click here to see Mayor Taylor Menke of Manila Bay do a trick during his Governor campaign!

Federalist Party Candidates Stand and Deliver

This morning, in Love Library 102, each candidate for the State offices of Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, and Auditor had the opportunity to stand before his party constituents and describe what personal attributes and goals qualify himself over his competitors.

In addition, each candidate fielded questions, giving him the opportunity to directly address his views on the issues which most concern his fellow party members. The questioners showed no mercy as they opened fire with complex and challenging questions, addressing everything from gun rights to candidate’s personal strengths and weaknesses.

After the flurry of slogans and Q&A cleared, the candidates headed-off to the stumps for the impending primary election.

Lt. Governors Candidates (Pictured Below):

Kyle Schumacher

Madison Doughty

Curtis Reynolds

Kevin Koch

Nathan Stastny

Cody Fischer

Nicholas Brady

Christopher Kolster

Attorney General Candidates:

Jesse Young–Valley Forge

Wade Reigle–Bunker Hill

Clay Roubal–Belleau Wood

Michael Kluender–Manilla Bay

Michael Kotrous–Bataan

Christopher German–Gettysburg

William Cox–The Alamo

Secretary of State Candidates:

Philip Kavan–Bunker Hill

Alexander Mallory–Belleau Wood

Aaron Johnson–Gettysburg

Alex Wessels–Bataan

Christian Spaccarotella–The Alamo

Matthew Henery–Manilla Bay

Kent Frickel–Yorktown

Treasurer Candidates:

Bryce Van Velson–Belleau Wood

Caleb Jergensen–The Alamo

Grant Potadle–Bataan

Jerry Tooley–Manilla Bay

Preston Wendt–Yorktown

Wyatt Schuettler–Bunker Hill

Michael Gohl–Gettysburg

Ryan Harrahil–Valley Forge

Auditor Candidates:

Terrence Heiser–Gettysburg

Justin Malleck–The Alamo

Joshua Walkenhorst–Yorktown

Edward Hebbert–Bataan

Matthew Faltys–Manilla Bay

Tanner Ahrens–Bunker Hill

Delegates File for State and County Offices

Late this evening, delegates from all of Boys’ State made their way down to the first floor of Schramm Hall to file as competitors in the races for State, County, and Judicial offices.  As candidates turned in their forms, the air around them buzzed with hope, determination, excitement, and faint apprehension for the impending campaigns.

Eager Candidates Waiting:

Election Commissioners Prepared to Perform Their Duty:

The Filing Begins:

The Results: