Yorktown Elects Local Officials and Representatives

City election results are in! Here are the winners of the Yorktown elections.

Mayor: Jacob Lambert

City Council: Keith Kopcho, Jack Graham, Blake Hass, Aaron Smith, Brock Denton, Brennan Cruise

County Supervisor: Jackson Deterding

School Board: Benjamin Kruse, Zachary Burns, Dylan Rasmussen, Sage Schmidt, Brandon Nichols

Senators: Jackson Love, Quinn Nelson, Andrew Fields, Dylan Steinkruger, Connor Merrill, Ethan Steiner


Mayor Jacob Lambert

Valley Forge Elects Local Officials and Representatives

City election results are in! Here are the winners of the Valley Forge elections.

Mayor: Samuel Lindblad

City Council: Tate Jensen, Trevor Benge, Brad Santin, August Blume, Riley Wiltfong, Morgan Kulm

County Supervisor: Jared Tomjack

School Board: Robert Nordby, Tristan Boyce, Daniel Allgood, Jacob Burr, Ty Ogden

Senators: Blake Scism, Tristan Weitzenkamp, Zayne Kinkade, RJ Quandahl, Ben Hintz, David Karimi


Mayor Samuel Lindblad

Bunker Hill Elects Local Officials and Representatives

City election results are in! Here are the winners of the Bunker Hill elections.

Mayor: Tanner Byrd

City Council: Cody Boche, Paul Weber, Kalen Kasik, Ethan Gibbens, Riley Noel, Aiden Clarke

County Supervisor: Kyle Anderson

School Board: Kaden Ellis, Drew Zitek, Austin Johnson, Zack Blase, Troy Ebel

Senators: John Marquardt, Zach Geist, John Michael Hogue, Izak Wilcynski, Leo Haselhorst, Dakota Kenton


Mayor Tanner Byrd

Washington County Candidates Advance to General Election

On Tuesday afternoon, citizens of Washington County advanced candidates to the general election ballot for county office. The general election ballot is listed below:


County Sheriff:
Chase Shelton (N)
Lyle Kwiatkowski (F)

County Attorney:
Jack Thompson (N)
Matt Furrow (F)

County Clerk:
Brent Parry (N)
Cole Lambrecht (F)

Clerk of the District Court (Vote for 2):
Kenneth Brandl (N)
Michael T. Lucas (N)
Jordan Busboom (F)
Colton Zumpfe (F)

County Treasurer:
Adam Kleinschmit (N)
Clayton Schmitt (F)


Nonpolitical Offices

State Board of Education (Vote for 3):
Zachary Duffy
Dillon Hunt
Kyle Kumpf
Savino Lebron
Carl Meyer
Cody Richards

County Judge:
Mitch Kampschneider
Aaron Weismann

County Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Ryan Burdine
Clyde Ericson

Public Defender:
Ethan Haussermann
Ethan Ortmeier

Campaigning in Washington County

Political Parties Assemble to Create, Amend Party Platforms

On Tuesday morning, delegates attended their respective Nationalists and the Federalists party meetings, where they heatedly debated a number of important issues for nearly two hours. Below are the final platforms as elected by the parties.

Nationalist Party Platform:


More evaluation of teachers

Pay increases based on quality of teaching AND experience

Decreasing dependency on standardized testing

Concentrating more on actual learning


Less government limitations

Support and encourage small farms


Use and research of alternative energy sources





Natural gas

Nuclear energy


Tax cuts for those who use alternative energy

Keystone Pipeline


Alcohol Consumption Limitations

18 years of age with restrictions

Promote moderation through educational programs


Mandatory drug tests

Limitations on what you can buy with government aid

 Federalist Party Platform:

We are for the expansion of agriculture in Nebraska.

We are for the increased efficiency and strengthening of all Nebraska Public Schools.

We are for a more efficient path to citizenship for immigrants.

We are for efficient energy diversification in Nebraska.

We are for the conservation and preservation of all natural resources and wildlife.

We oppose mandated healthcare coverage, however we support private healthcare reform.

We are for favorable laws in line with the Second Amendment.

We are in favor of gambling with tax revenue going to state parks and education.

We are in favor of private property rights.

We are for modifying the tax code to benefit the economy of Nebraska.