Camp Counselors Interview

By: Hayden Hoos

The first question was, “what’s your favorite part of Boys’ State?” Nathan Weidner, a counselor, replied, “seeing 400 boys come on Sunday as individuals but leave as close friends and family.” John Willey answered, “interacting with campers, counselors, and staff. Seeing the new and old faces.”
The next question was, “how has Boys’ State changed?” Nathan Weidner said, “it’s different being a counselor. As a Boys’ Stater last year, I was trying to become a leader. As a counselor, I am out in front leading all the time.” Micah Wilson concluded, “I see more behind the scenes work, like longer days, more management, and counting ballots. With all of this, I have to know my stuff a lot better.”
The final question was, “what advice would you give about Boys’ State?” Nathan Weidner said, “get out of your comfort zone, and try new things. Set aside your ego, and just have fun.” Micah Wilson replied, “if you have something you want to do, do it. You’re with some of the greatest boys in Nebraska, so have fun, and get to know the best of the state. Get out there.”

Husker Coaches Visit Boys & Girls State

A highlight of the Wednesday evening session was the motivational messages form several husker coaches. Coach Frost, Cook, Williams, and Miles were in attendance.  Additionally, former Washington Boys Stater and UNL athletic director Bill Moos offered words of wisdom and encouragement to the delegates.

Sen. Kate Bolz Visits Boys State

Sen. Kate Bolz visited Cornhusker Boys State on Monday.  Sen. Bolz discussed the unicameral legislature and how it works.  In addition, she discussed some current issues facing the legislature and took several questions from the delegates. Sen. Bolz is from Lincoln and represents the 29th district.