Cornhusker Boys’ State is held annually during the summer before the senior year of high school, typically during the first week in June, on the main campus of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

The application process to attend Cornhusker Boys’ State is decentralized.  The program does not directly receive applications from interested individuals.  Rather, selection to attend Cornhusker Boys’ State requires endorsement by a local American Legion Post, which is traditionally responsible for the fundraising mechanism by which the attendance fee is covered.  Most importantly, local Legion Posts help to ensure only the most qualified applicants are selected to attend.


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Information regarding Cornhusker Boys’ State is typically mailed to all Nebraska American Legion Posts and high school principals in January.  It is encouraged that every Nebraska high school be represented, as well as home-school students.

High school principals should alert all eligible boys regarding Boys’ State and secure a list of those who are interested.  Traits to be considered when a school official recommends a student for Boys’ State include scholastic performance, leadership qualities and citizenship.  Any boy who has been a member of the junior class for the 2023-2024 year and attends a Nebraska school, or is home-schooled, is eligible for Cornhusker Boys’ State 2024.

Every sponsoring American Legion Post should ask the principal for the school’s list of recommended boys and then make its selection.  Every boy must be endorsed by a local American Legion Post.  Other individuals and businesses, besides a Post, can sponsor the registration fee but the application must be endorsed by a Post.  There is no limit to the number of boys that each Post can endorse and/or sponsor.

Sponsors must note that Cornhusker Boys’ State is not a disciplinary or recreational camp.  Only candidates with outstanding qualifications in character, service and leadership; who will have a serious attitude toward an intensive citizenship training program should be selected.

No publicity regarding endorsement and sponsorship of a candidate should be made until official notification of acceptance is issued by the Program Director (usually by April 1).

If you are interested in attending, the best local points-of-contact are your local Legion Post; and your high school principal, guidance counselor and government teacher.  In order to help locate an American Legion Post in your area, you may wish to use the Post Locator.  For additional assistance in identifying a local point-of-contact, you may contact Legion Headquarters in Lincoln regarding the Cornhusker Boys’ State program: Dave Salak, Department Adjutant, 402-464-6338.

It is the responsibility of each individual Post to establish its own endorsement process and timeline.  Although the application process at each Post is likely to include additional requirements (e.g. essay and interview), information relayed to headquarters in Lincoln includes the Application for Cornhusker Boys’ State.  Additional details may be found in the FAQ and CBS Informational Brochure.  As a rough guideline regarding application deadlines, please note that local Posts must notify Legion Headquarters of their endorsement decisions not later than March 15.

In addition to contacting your School and local American Legion Post, please also let us know directly you want to attend Cornhusker Boys’ State (click the green button):


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