Governor Perlinger Appoints Justices

Chief Justice Tanner Robbins


After interviews going into the evening on Wednesday, Governor Perlinger made judicial appointments Thursday morning. Justices began hearing cases Thursday afternoon. Below are the new justices of the Boys’ State judicial system.


Chief Justice:

Tanner Robbins (Valley Forge)


Washington County Associate Justices:

Patrick Nolan (Gettysburg)

Nick Roberts (Yorktown)

Rex McKeeman (Bunker Hill)


Lincoln County Associate Justices:

Joseph Benes (Bataan)

Shane Brichacek (Bataan)

Justin Larsen (Alamo)


Washington County District Judges:

Connor Merrill (Yorktown)

Austin Johnson (Bunker Hill)


Lincoln County District Judges:

Mason Lashley (Alamo)

Joel Schardt (Alamo)


Governor Perlinger interviews a judicial candidate

Judicial Hopefuls Participate in Court Selection Meetings

Delegates hoping to win appointments to the Cornhusker Boys’ State judicial branch participated in court selection meetings this evening. Interviews were conducted by delegate panels who in turn made recommendations to Governor Perlinger. Perlinger will hold interviews later this evening before making appointments Thursday morning.


One judicial committee discussing recommendations

Delegates Survey State Court System

This morning, Attorney Andrew Loudon of Baylor, Evnen, Curtiss, Grimit, and Witt, LLP explained the different components of the Nebraska State Court System and the various steps in the legal process before answering delegates’ questions. The delegates showed a keen interest in the presentation, asking insightful and interesting questions.


Attorney Loudon addresses delegates

Inauguration of Justices and State Officeholders

Throughout the week, Governor Larsen has been in court selection meetings, seeking out delegates to fill the open judicial roles in Cornhusker Boys’ State. On Thursday evening, the selected justices were sworn in by Nebraska Chief Justice Michael Heavican in front of the entire delegation of Cornhusker Boys’ State. These justices are:

Chief Justice:
Alex Varon, resident of Valley Forge

Associate Justices of Washington County:
Alex Brechbill of Valley Forge
Jared Knust of Bunker Hill
Jacob Tierra of Gettysburg

Associate Justices of Lincoln County:
Benjamin Burnmester of Belleau Wood
Spencer Creal of Manila Bay
Austin Wendt of Manila Bay

District Judges of Washington County:
Ethan Cox of Valley Forge
Chris Van Nostrand of Valley Forge

District Judges of Lincoln County:
Seth Hunt of Manila Bay
Skyler Teten of Alamo

In addition to these justices, winners of today’s general election for state office were sworn into their new offices as well.

Nebraska Chief Justice Michael Heavican inaugurates Boys’ State Chief Justice Alex Varon

Cornhusker Boys’ State Associate Justices

Justices, Attorneys Prepare to Hear and Present Cases

On Thursday afternoon, the justices of the Supreme Court of Cornhusker Boys’ State met to review and decide which cases they would hear in the evening. Meanwhile, attorneys were hard at work preparing cases for the Supreme Court or District Court of Cornhusker Boys’ State. More information will be forthcoming regarding the cases heard and the verdicts reached.